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Scientific Computing World Bimonthly magazine for scientists using IT solutions, published by Cambridge Publishers Ltd. Free online access to news, reviews and feature articles, including feature articles from Research Information and Bioinformatics World .

Source Code for Biology and Medicine Source Code for Biology and Medicine is a peer-reviewed open access, online journal that publishes articles on source code employed over a wide range of applications in biology and medicine. The goals of the journal are to increase the productivity among source code users working on problems of public and environmental health importance, to reduce discovery and search times in medical, molecular and genomic sciences, to provide a historical reflection of source code applied in various fields and finally to serve as a repository for source code



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Computing is an advocate of the critical role technology plays in business and government. They help their readers understand how IT can improve company profits and deliver better public services by guiding them through an increasingly complex, global industry, as well as helping them achieve a successful career in IT. They campaign strongly to overcome business or regulatory obstacles against the development of the IT profession. Their readers need to understand how IT is helping to improve business operations and change the way that we work and live.


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