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Clinical Chemistry Clinical Chemistry is published by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Inc . The journal focuses on articles, that concern basic materials or principles, analytical and molecular diagnostic techniques, instrumentation, data processing, statistical analyses of data, clinical investigations in which chemistry has played a major role, or laboratory animal studies of chemically oriented problems of human disease. Back issues are freely available 12 months after publication.

European Journal of Histochemistry
The European Journal of Histochemistry is the official organ of the Italian Society of Histochemistry and a member of the journal subcommittee of the International Federation of Societies for Histochemistry and Cytochemistry (IFSHC). The Journal publishes original papers, technical reports, reviews, brief notes, letters to the editor, book reviews, views and comments, concerning investigations performed with the aid of biophysical, biochemical, molecular-biological, enzymatic, immunohistochemical, cytometric, and image analysis techniques. Areas of particular interest to the European Journal of Histochemistry include: - functional cell and tissue biology in animals and plants; - cell differentiation and death; - cell-cell interaction and molecular trafficking; - biology of cell development and senescence; - nerve and muscle cell biology; - cellular basis of diseases.



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