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Overview about Plant Biotechnology Journals with free access to articles in full text

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Plant Biotechnology
Plant Biotechnology
is an international journal published four times a year by The Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology . The objective of the journal is to offer new information and knowledge about basic research and applied technology of plant tissue culture, plant molecular biology, plant cell engineering and related fields. Online archives date back to volume 14 (1997). Articles are freely available in full-text (pdf).
Journal of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Journal of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
(PMBB) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research in all areas of plant biology and biotechnology. Coverage includes research in molecular genetics and breeding, linkage mapping and QTL analysis, molecular screening technologies, cell biology, physiology, biochemistry , comparative genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, functional genomics, analysis of gene function, gene expression, gene regulation, gene silencing and over-expression analyses, biochemical and regulatory networks. PMBB also covers applied plant biotechnology, including in vitro mass propagation, virus elimination, metabolic engineering, organogenesis, regeneration, and somatic embryogenesis, secondary metabolites, transgenic technologies: production and analysis of transgenic crops , gene flow, and transgene(s) dissemination into cultivated and uncultivated plant systems.
Plant Production Science
PPS publishes original research reports on field crops and resource plants, their production and related subjects. The journal provides free access to current and archived articles.
Plant Biotechnology Journal
Plant Biotechnology Journal aims to publish high-impact original research and incisive reviews by leading researchers in applied plant science, with an emphasis on molecular plant sciences and their applications through plant biotechnology. We aim to provide a forum for the most important advances in this field, including curiosity-driven studies with the potential for application, strategic research in plant biotechnology, scientific analysis of key issues for the beneficial application of plant sciences and scientific analysis of the performance of the products of plant biotechnology in practice. Review articles and some content (OpenOnline) are free to view.
Acta Biologica Szegediensis
is the official publication of the Biological Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences ( Cracow Branch). The journal is devoted to plant anatomy, morphology, cytology, genetics, karyology, embryology, tissue culture, physiology and biosystematics.  The journal provides free access to current and archived articles
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology
The open access, biannual journal Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology publishes (review) articles news and views and book reviews in the field of plant tissue culture and plant biotechnology.
Plant Signaling & Behavior
Plant Signaling & Behavior
is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes original research articles and reviews covering the latest aspects of molecules and organelles, tissues and organs, as related to signal perception and transduction, signalling complexes (signalosomes), action potentials and hydraulic signals, integrative plant body and physiology, plant and abiotic environment, plant and biotic environment, as well as information acquisition and processing. The journal provides open access to articles published online for one year or more.
AOB Plants
is an online, internationally peer reviewed open access journal publishing high quality papers on all aspects of plant biology. The journal publishes articles on all aspects of plant biology including algae, lichen, phytoplankton and palaeobotany but not to fungi per se . Coverage extends to any micro-organism and to animals where their impact on plants is central.

Plant Biotechnology (frontiers in)
Plant Biotechnology provides a single platform for articles that address the attempts of modern technologies to satisfy increasing demands for crop production, encompassing plant tissue culture and genetic engineering and extending the exploitability of plants to include other sustainable uses.
Journal of Plant Biotechnology
Topics of Journal of Plant Biotechnology extend to molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, plant cell and tissue culture, metabolic engineering, secondary metabolites, genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. JPB emphasizes studies on plants indigenous to the Asia-Pacific region and studies related to commercialization of plant biotechnology.


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