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Journal of Experimental BiologyThe Journal of Experimental Biology (JEB) focuses on comparative animal physiology and is published by The Company of Biologist. JEB publishes papers on the form and function of living organisms at all levels of biological organisation, from the molecular and subcellular to the integrated whole animal. All journal content is freely available on the journal website without access barriers six months after publication of the relevant issue. This applies to all article types, including Research Articles, Reviews and Editorials. Some articles are made freely available immediately.

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology The Indian Journal of Experimental Biology , started in 1963, publishes full papers, notes and reviews in cell biology, molecular biology, genetic engineering, endocrinology, reproductive biology, immunology, developmental biology, comparative physiology, radiation biology, chronobiology, microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology and other biological fields including instrumentation and methodology. The Journal provides free access to full text articles.

FASEB JournalThe FASEB Journal (published by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) publishes peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary original research articles, as well as editorials, reviews, and news of the life sciences. Specifically, The FASEB Journal is a preferred venue for the latest research reports and reviews of epigenetics, iRNA mechanics, histone acetylation, nitric oxide signaling, eicosanoid biochemistry, angiogenesis, tumor suppressor genes, apoptosis, cytoskeletal function, and human stem cell research.The FASEB Journal provides free access to all content 12 months after print publication.

Asian Journal of Experimental Biological SciencesAsian Journal of Experimental Biological Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal, published quarterly (January, April, July and October) by SOCIETY OF APPLIED SCIENCES ®. The journal publishes research in all areas related to Ethnomedicines, Pharmacology, Medical sciences, Toxicology, Cell Biology, Genetics & Genomics, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics,  Immunology, veterinary sciences Biochemistry, Ecology, Pollution and Environmental Sciences,  Entomology, Marine & Aquatic Biology, Plant Biology, Behavioural Sciences ,  Microbiology, Reproductive Biology, Theoretical & Mathematical Biology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity Conservation, Biostatistics, Mycology, Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, Parasitology, Paleobiology, Plant and Animal Physiology, Agricultural Sciences and all areas of biology and at the interface of related disciplines.


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