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Overview about Cell Biology Journals with free access to articles in full text

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Aging Cell Aging Cell is published on behalf of The Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland by Blackwell Publishing. The journal publishes articles on all areas of aging biology including genes and functonal genomics, cell proliferation, cell stress, senescence, aging, cell damage, death, cell signalling, and stem cells. Authors of articles in this journal can choose to make their articles open access and available free for all readers through the payment of an author fee ( open online ). The Journal has Open Access Backfiles. Content older than two years is made free online.

Cancer Cell Cancer Cell publishes studies in a broad range of cancer research. Areas covered by Cancer Cell are: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of fundamental cancer biology, cancer therapeutics research, or development and analysis of tumor models. Cancer Cell publishes monthly; papers are freely available starting 12 months after publication.

Cancer Cell International Cancer Cell International is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal that focuses on primary research on cancer cells, originating largely from work using cell culture techniques.

Autophagy Peer-reviewed journal focusing on all aspects of autophagy. The journal provides open access to articles published online for ome year or more

Cell Adhesion & Migration Cell Adhesion & Migration is an international peer-reviewed journal to focus exclusively on cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions and their biological consequence on adhesion and migration. Original papers cover topics in the field of assembly of cell adhesion complexes, biological functions and molecular interactions of ECM molecules, cytoskeleton plasticity and related signalling cascades, cell fusion, immune synapse formation or axon growth and guidance both in physiological condition such as organogenesis and development or pathological conditions such as cancer cell migration or degenerative diseases. Articles are open access one year after publication.

Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity Oxidative Medicine & Cellular Longevity is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses upon the cellular and molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress in the nervous system and related organ systems in relation to aging, immune function, vascular biology, metabolism, cellular survival and cellular longevity. Archive includes Vol 1 (2008) to present. Articles are freely available 12 months after publication.

NucleusNucleus is a multi-disciplinary journal dedicated to bringing together research on all aspects of biological, molecular and genetic studies of structures and processes associated with the cell nucleus. Journal topics will include: Nuclear structure and dynamics, subnuclear organelles, chromatin organization and epigenetics, nuclear transport, gene expression and RNA processing, DNA replication and DNA damage repair, and the nucleus in signaling and development

Developmental Cell Developmental Cell is a broad-spectrum journal that covers the fields of cell biology and developmental biology. The articles are freely available one year after publication.
The Open Cell & Developmental Biology Journal The Open Cell and Developmental Biology Journal is an Open Access online journal, which publishes both original full-length and short research articles in all areas of cell biology and the associated field of developmental biology.
Anatomy & Cell BiologyAnatomy & Cell Biology (ACB) is an international forum for multi-perspective network of all fields of anatomy, particularly the field of Cell Biology based on Anatomy. The journal publishes papers ranging from the basic to the applied fields, and covers all levels of biological organizations in human bodies as well as in experimental model systems.

Cell Death and Differentiation
Cell Death & Differentiation, a peer-reviewed online journal in the field of translational cell death, provides a unified forum for scientists and clinical researchers, publishing high-quality original papers together with topical reviews and special issues. The journal provides free access to selected articles (open option) and to articles 12 months after publication.

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