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Overview about biodiversity journals with free access to articles in full text


Biodiversity Informatics Biodiversity Informatics is a peer-reviewed, open access journal covering the emerging field of biodiversity informatics (creation, management, analysis, interpretation, and understanding of information regarding biodiversity).

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation The journal publishes original research papers, reviews and comments on any aspect of animal biodiversity including descriptions of new species, and studies on systematics, morphology, biogeography, ecology, ethology, physiology and genetics (Abstracts available in EN or ES)

DiversityDiversity (ISSN 1424-2818) is an international and interdisciplinary journal of science and technology concerning diversity concept and application, diversity assessment and diversity preservation. Its topics cover biodiversity, molecular diversity, physical and physicochemical diversity, cultural diversity, religious diversity, political diversity, etc . It publishes reviews, regular research papers and short notes in the regular issues. Related news and announcements are also published. Subject Areas are

  • general aspects of diversity assessment: mathematical models and computational methods, multiculturalism, political diversity, tolerance, cultural diversity and identity, linguistic diversity and local content
  • biodiversity, ecosystems and diversity index
  • theoretical relation of diversity and other concepts such as entropy, information, complexity, self-organization, stability, reversibility and spontaneity, etc .
  • diversity and molecular evolution, biological evolution and biocultural and social evolution
  • diversity preservation strategies (both natural science and social science)
  • studies on the related international treaties, laws, agreements and plans for preservation projects
  • use of the concept of diversity in thermodynamics, climate research, materials science, physical chemistry and engineering sciences

BioRiskBIORISK - Biodiversity and Ecosystem Risk Assessment is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal launched to publish research in ecology and biodiversity science. The journal publishes articles related to the following topics: Biodiversity, evolutionary ecology, conservation biology, environmenta, agricutural and marine ecology, waste management and remediation and ecological informatics

Journal of Biodiversity and Endangered Species
The Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species is an open access, peer-reviewed scientific journal. The scope includes population, community, ecological behaviour, biogeography, evolutionary ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem, ecological informatics, landscape ecology, biodiversity risk assessment and environmental pollution.

Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences
Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES) is a peer-reviewed journal and is scheduled to publish 12 issues in a year. It publishes original research papers and short communication on the main aspects of environmental sciences, biodiversity, ecology, agro-forestry, forestry, taxonomy, ethno-botany, plant survey, plant pathology, bioremediation, environmental chemistry and conservation of natural sciences.

Neotropical Biodiversity

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International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation
International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation (IJBC) is a peer reviewed journal. The journal is published monthly and covers all areas of the subject such as: Information technology and its applications in environmental management and planning, environmental management and technologies, green technology and environmental conservation and health environment and sustainable development,

International Journal of Biodiversity
International Journal of Biodiversity is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of biodiversity.
Biodiversity Journal
Biodiversity Journal is a peer-reviewed, open-access, focusing on taxonomical, ecological and biogeographical research.
Research and Reports in Biodiversity Studies
Fesearch and Reports in Biodiversity Studies is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on all areas of biodiversity research.

Biodiversity: Research and Conservation 
Biodiversity: Research and Conservation (Biodiv. Res. Conserv.) publishes original papers, short notes and reviews in fields of plant, fungi and lichens taxonomy, chorology, ecology and nature conservation. Preferences are given to works concerning contemporary transformations of biodiversity.

Journal of Insect Biodiversity
Journal of Insect Biodiversity ( JIB ) is an international, peer reviewed, open access scientific journal. The core scope of journal includes insect taxonomy & nomenclature, insect systematics & phylogeny, insect morphology, insect diversity, insect biogeography, insect conservation, beneficial insects, invasive insects and insect ecology .
Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity
The Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity (previous title was Journal of Korean Nature) is an official journal of National Science Museum of Korea (NSMK) and Korea National Arboretum (KNA). The journal publishes original research papers, review articles, as well as conceptual, technical and methodological papers on all aspects of biological diversity-its description, analysis and conservation, and its application by humankind.
Journal of Biodiversity and Ecological Sciences
The Journal of Biodiversity and Ecological Sciences publishes original research articles, review articles, case reports, research notes, technical reports and other studies related to aspects of Biodiversity and Ecology .
Journal of Biodiversity, Bioprospecting and Development
Journal of Biodiversity ,Bio-prospecting and Development is an interdisciplinary, open access periodical that primarily aims at providing the most exciting research outcome related to Biodiversity and Bio-prospecting.
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