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Overview about Medical Genetics Journals with free access to articles in full text

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BMC Medical Genetics Peer-reviewed, open access research articles with focus on medical genetics.

Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine The open access, peer-reviewed journal publishes articles addressing most aspects of molecular and genetic biomedical research.

Human Molecular Genetics Human Molecular Genetics concentrates on research papers covering a wide range of topics in all aspects of human molecular genetics, including developmental and cancer genetics, neurogenetics, gene therapy and computational and functional genomics. Free access to full-text articles is provided 12 months after publication.


Journal of Medical Genetics International, peer-reviewed genetics journal focusing on molecular basis of human disease, human cancer genetics, clinical manifestations of genetic disorders, applications of molecular genetics to medical practice and the systematic evaluation of such applications. The content of back issues is freely available 12 months after publication.

Journal of Medical Genetics open access experiment :Accepted papers from UK institutions will be randomised to open (unlocked) or closed access; open access papers will carry the JMG Unlocked logo and will be free to view online for all users.

PathoGenetics Pathogenetics is a peer-reviewed, online open access journal, which features studies on the pathogenesis of genetic diseases, phenotypes and traits. Such studies may use molecular, biochemical, cellular, and physiological methods, as well as genome-wide approaches, to provide novel insights into the biological mechanisms underlying the phenotypic manifestations of genetic diseases Annals of Human Genetics The international journal Annals of Human Genetics publishes peer-reviewed research articles focussing on human genome variation, population genetics, statistical genetics and Mendelian disorders and their molecular pathology. The Journal has Open Access Backfiles. Content older than two years is made free online. Archives date back to Jan. 1st 1997.
Indian Journal of Human Genetics The Indian Journal of Human Genetics , published by Medknow , is the official journal of the Indian Society of Human Genetics. The open access journal publishes articles in the field of human genetics, including gene structure, genome variation, population genetics, molecular genetics, statistical genetics, Mendelian disorders, pharmacogenetics, cytogenetics, developmental genetics and genetic epidemiology. Genome Medicine Genome Medicine is an online peer-reviewed journal which publishes open access research articles of outstanding quality in all areas of medicine studied from a genomic or post-genomic perspective. The journal will have a special focus on the latest technologies and findings that have an impact on the understanding and management of human health and disease.
Application of Clinical Genetics International, peer-reviewed, open access, online journal that publishs laboratory and clinical findings in the field of human genetics. The journal focuses on original research, reviews, symposium reports, case studies, hypothesis formation and commentaries on population genetics, functional genetics, natural history, management and mechanisms of genetic disease, counselling and ethical issues, animal models, pharmacogenetics, prenatal diagnosis and dysmorphology. BMC Medical Genomics BMC Medical Genomics is an open access journal publishing original peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of functional genomics, genome structure, genome-scale population genetics, epigenomics, proteomics, systems analysis, and pharmacogenomics in relation to human health and disease.
American Journal of Human Genetics The American Journal of Human Genetics provides research and review articles relating to heredity in man and to the application of genetic principles in medicine, psychology, anthropology, and social services, as well as in related areas of molecular and cell biology.
The online available issues of the American Journal of Human Genetics begin with Volume 61, number 5 (November 1997). Articles in full text are freely available to everyone six months after publication

Journal of Medical Genetics and Genomics
Journal of Medical Genetics and Genomics (JMGG) is a peer reviewed open access journal. The journal is published monthly and covers all areas of the subject such as metagenics, evolutionary anthropology, fragile X syndrome, immunotherapy etc.

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