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Overview about Genomics Journals with free access to articles in full text

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Genes Genes (ISSN 2073-4425), an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal which provides an advanced forum for studies related to genes, genetics and genomics. It publishes reviews, research articles, communications and technical notes. The journal covers all topics related to genes, genetics and genomics:

  • DNA; RNA; chromosomes; reproduction; heredity; genealogy; interaction of multiple genes; genetic code; pseudogene; gene structure; gene expression; recombination and linkage; genetic mapping; inheritance; nature versus nurture; gene regulation; genetic change; population genetics; conservation genetics; phylogenomics; phylogenetics; cloning; genetically modified organisms; human genetics; comparative genomics; behavioural genetics; medical genetics; gene therapy; genome projects; personal genomics; copy number variation; public health genomics; genetic diversity; transcriptional profiling; microRNA analysis; mRNA analysis; analysis of noncoding and other RNAs
  • Research Techniques: molecular markers; next generation sequencing; model organisms; microarrays; bioinformatics

TranscriptionTranscription is a new peer-reviewed, bi-monthly journal launching in July 2010 that will publish high-quality articles providing novel insights, provocative questions and new hypothesis into the expanding field of gene transcription. The journal will cover all aspects of transcription: from biochemical and molecular approaches, to cellular, structural and evolutionary views.

BMC Genomics The online journal publishes peer-reviewd research articles in all aspects of gene mapping, sequencing and analysis, functional genomics, and proteomics.

Genome Research International, monthly, peer-reviewed research journal that focuses on large-scale genomic and post-genomic studies. Papers published in Genome Research can be read without restriction at the journal's website six months after publication (archived articles in full text starting with issue 4, vol. 7; Apr 1997). The journals provides an " immediately open access " option for authors.

Genome Biology Published by BioMed Central Ltd., Genome Biology offers free online access to research news and articles, reviews, reports, and commentaries on genomics and related fields.

Physiological Genomics Physiological Genomics publishes results of research that links genes to cell replication, development, metabolic function, cell signal transduction and intracellular signaling pathways, tissue and organ function, and whole organism function. Content is free one year after publication.

Comparative and Functional Genomics Comparative and Functional Genomics (CFG) publishes original research articles and reviews that deal with the post-sequencing phases of genome analysis. The journal will provide a broad forum, covering studies of complex and model organisms.

Genome Biology and EvolutionGenome Biology and Evolution (GBE) publishes leading original research at the interface between evolutionary biology and genomics. Papers considered for publication report novel evolutionary findings that concern natural genome diversity, population genomics, the structure, function, organisation and expression of genomes, comparative genomics, proteomics, and environmental genomic interactions. Major evolutionary insights from the fields of computational biology, structural biology, developmental biology, and cell biology are also considered, as are theoretical advances in the field of genome evolution. GBE's scope embraces genome-wide evolutionary investigations at all taxonomic levels and for all forms of life - within populations or across domains. Its aims are to further the understanding of genomes in their evolutionary context and further the understanding of evolution from a genome-wide perspective.


Journal of Genomics
Journal of Genomics is launched to meet increasing demand from authors to publish open access articles in Gene/Genomics research areas. Journal of Genomics publishes papers of high quality in all aspects of genomics, proteomics, gene research and development. Articles published by the journal are rigorously peer-reviewed.

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