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Journal link Impact
Canadian Journal of Soil Science envir  
Cancer Biology and Therapy pharma  
Cancer Cell biol  
Cancer Cell International biol 2.65*
Cancer Immunity immun  
Cancer Informatics inform  
Cardiogenetics omics  
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences environ  
Cell biol 31.152
Cell Adhesion & Migration biol  
Cell and Bioscience science  
Cell and Chromosome biol  
Cell and Developmental Biology biol  
Cell and Molecular Biology biol  
Cell and Tissue Transplantation and Therapy tissue  
Cell Biology Insights biol  
Cell Communication and Signaling biol  
Cell Communication Insights biol  
Cell Cycle biol  
Cell Death and Differentiation biol  
Cell Division biol 3.60*
Cell Health and Cytoskeleton biol  
Cell Host and Microbe biol  
Cell Metabolism biol 17.350
Cell Regeneration biol  
Cell Research biol 8.151
Cell Stem Cells topics 25.943
Cell Stress and Chaperones biol  
Cell Structure and Function biol  
Cellular and Molecular Biology Letters biochem  
Cellular Microbiology biol  
Cells biol  
Centrosome Research biol  
Ceylon Journal Science (Biological Sciences) biol  
Channels biochem  
Chem-Bio Informatics Journal inform  
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Quarterly engin  
Chemical Engineering and Process Techniques engin  
Chemical Engineering Journal engin 4.321
Chemical Engineering Research Bulletin engin  
Chemical Informatics Journal inform  
Chemical Research in Toxicology toxicol  
Chemical Sciences Journal chem  
Chemical Senses phys 3.278
ChemistryOpen chem 2.938
Chemistry and Biology biochem 6.523
Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research biotech  
Chinese Medical Journal med  
Chinese Science Bulletin science  
Cholesterol biochem  
Chromatography Research International methods  
Chromosome Science biochem  
Ciencia y Tecnología Alimentaria nutri  
Clinical and Developmental Immunology immun  
Clinical and Experimental Immunology immun  
Clinical and Molecular Allergy immun 3.06*
Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications pharm  
Clinical and Translational Allergy immun 2.53
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology immun  
Clinical Biochemist Reviews biochem  
Clinical Chemistry chem  
Clinical Microbiology biol  
Clinical Microbiology and Case Reports biol  
Clinical Microbiology and Infection biol 4.014
Clinical Microbiology Reviews biol  
Clinical Nutrition nutri 4.487
Clinical Nutrition Experimental nutri  
Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications pharma  
Clinical Pharmacology: Current Research pharma  
Cloning and Transgenesis topics  
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology biol  
Comparative and Functional Genomics omics  
Communications in Biometry and Crop Science biotech  
Communicative and Integrative Biology biol  
Comparative Cytogenetics omics 0.973
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine methods  
Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal inform  
Computational Biology inform  
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics inform  
Computational Biology Journal inform  
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience neuro  
Connections biotech  
Conservation and Society biodiv  
Conservation Letters biodiv  
Contemporary Engineering Sciences engin  
Continental Journal of Agricultural Science biotech  
Continental Journal of Agricultural Economics biotech  
Continental Journal of Agronomy biotech  
Continental Journal of Environmental Sciences envir  
Continental Journal of Microbiology biol  
Continental Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology Research toxicol  
Continental Journal of Veterinary Science med  
Croatian Journal of Fisheries biotech  
Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering biotech  
Crop Science biotech  
Current Agriculture Research Journal biotech  
Current Biology biol 10.992
Current Chemical Genomics omics  
Current Genomics omics  
Current Issues in Molecular Biology biochem 5.750
Current Neuropharmacology neuro  
Current Plant Biology biol  
Current Research in Dairy Sciences nutri  
Current Research in Poultry Science biotech  
Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences biol  
Current Synthetic & Systems Biology biol  
Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy biotech
Cytojournal med
Czech Journal of Animal Sciences med 0.857
Czech Journal of Food Sciences biotech
Czech Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding biotech  
*unofficial value
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