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Journal link Impact
Balkan Journal of Medical Genetics omics  
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research biotech  
Bangladesh Journal of Botany biol  
Bangladesh Journal of Genetics and Biotechnology biotech  
Bangladesh Journal of Medical Microbiology biol  
Bangladesh Journal of Microbiology
Bangladesh Journal of Neuroscience neuro  
Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology pharma  
Bangladesh Journal of Zoology biol  
Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine vet med  
Banko Janakari biotech  
Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review biotech 0.769
Behavioral and Brain Functions neuro 2.34
Behavioral Ecology ecol 2.981
Behavioural Neurology neuro 1.247
Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology nano  
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry chem  
Bio-Chem Informatics Journal inform  
Biochemia Medica biochem  
Biochemistry (Moscow) biochem  
Biochemistry and Analytical Biochemistry biochem  
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education edu  
Biochemistry & Pharmacology biochem  
Biochemistry and Physiology biochem  
Biochemistry Insights biochem  
Biochemistry Research International biochem  
BioData Mining inform  
Biodiesel Magazine topics  
Biodiversity Informatics biodiv  
Biodiversity Journal biodiv  
Biodiversity: Research and Conservation  biodiv  
Bioenergy and Biofuel topics  
Bioengineered Bugs engin  
Biofuel Research Journal topics  
Bioinformatics inform  
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights inform  
Bioinformation inform  
Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications biochem  
Biointerphases engin  
Biokemistri biochem  
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin biochem  
Biological Bulletin biol  
Biological Procedures Online methods  
Biologics: Targets & Therapy pharma  
Biology biol  
Biology Direct biol 3.32
Biology Letters biol  
Biology of Reproduction biol  
Biology of Sex Differences biol  
BioMagnetic Research and Technology engin  
Biomaterials engin  
Biomaterials Research engin  
Biomatter engin  
Biomedical Engineering and Computational Biology engin  
BioMedical Engineering online engin 1.75
Biomedical Informatics Insights inform  
Biomicrofluidics engin  
BioPharm International pharma  
Biophysical Journal phys  
Biophysics phys  
BioRisk biodiv  
Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry biotech  
Bioscience Horizons biotech  
Biostatistics inform  
Biotechnological Research biotech  
Biotechnology biotech  
Biotechnology and Biotechnological Equipment biotech  
Biotechnology and Molecular Biology Reviews biotech
Biotechnology for Biofuels topics 5.55
Biotechnology Healthcare biotech  
Biotechnology Research International biotech  
BMB Reports biochem  
BMC Biochemistry biochem 3.21*
BMC Bioinformatics inform 3.43
BMC Biology biol 5.64
BMC Biophysics physics 2.18
BMC Biotechnology biotech 2.72
BMC Cell Biology biol 2,65
BMC Chemical Biology biochem 4.41*
BMC Clinical Pharmacology pharma 1.86*
BMC Developmental Biology
biol 3.29
BMC Ecology ecol  
BMC Endocrine Disorders endo  
BMC Evolutionary Biology biol 4.29
BMC Genetics omics 2.49
BMC Genomics omics 3.76
BMC Immunology immun 3.00
BMC Medical Education edu  
BMC Medical Ethics ethics 1.68*
BMC Medical Genetics omics 2.84
BMC Medical Genomics omics 2.66
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making inform 2.23
BMC Medical Physics phys  
BMC Microbiology biol 2.89
BMC Molecular Biology biochem 2.85
BMC Neurology neuro 2.11
BMC Neuroscience neuro 2.74
BMC Pharmacology pharma  
BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology pharma  
BMC Physiology physiol  
BMC Plant Biology biotech 3.77
BMC Proceedings med  
BMC Research Notes biol 6.63
BMC Structural Biology biol  
BMC Systems Biology biol 4.06
Bone and Tissue Regeneration Insights tissue  
Botanica Orientalis biotech  
Brain and Behavior neurosci  
Brain Informatics neurosci  
Brain Sciences neurosci  
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology biotech
Brazilian Journal of Biology biol  
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering engin  
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology biol  
Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology biotech  
Briefings in Bioinformatics inform  
British Biotechnology Journal biotech  
British Journal of Applied Science & Technology science  
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology pharma  
British Journal of Dairy Sciences nutri  
British Journal of Environment and Climate Change environ  
British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research med  
British Journal of Nutrition nutri  
British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research pharma  
British Journal of Pharmacology pharma 5.204
British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology toxicol  
British Medical Journal med  
British Microbiology Research Journal biol  
Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine vet med
Bulletin of the Department of Plant Resources biotech
Bulletin of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca Horticulture horticulture  
*unofficial value
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